JJ Weekend Market

The most popular and well-known weekend market in Bangkok, Thailand, can be no other than JJ Weekend Market. The name “JJ” derived from abbreviated pronunciation of the area, Chatujak District. Located just a few steps away from both the MRT and BTS, the open-air market opens its gates to visitors from morning till late at night during the weekends only.



The Beauty of The aged Carletta Jewellery inspired from Art&Craft, Story and Architecture in the past to create the exquisite jewelry design in each collection.

Twenty-Seven Friday

The unique Twenty-Seven Friday co.,ltd under the brand name Fri27nov includes a blend of craftsmanship and hand embroidery the story and feel of the things around us to stand out on the clothes.


“PELLEVAH” is an exotic leather goods brand. Our product are made from crocodile skin py thon and stingray which produced in Thailand by Thai craftsmen. Under the concept


Leisure Projects is a menswear label established in 2012 by a Central Saint Martins graduate, Nattapon Kanokvaleewong. The brand’s design philosophy is to produce fun and casual clothing for modern me

Kanapot Aunsorn

After winning the first prize award from the young blood designer competition “The Designer Season 2” in 2012, Kanapot Aunsorn has shown great potential and fabulous ideas of a modern designer reflect


SIWILAI is the first and foremost Thai retail space, an 826 square-meter modern day marketplace, unveiled at Central Embassy in May 2014 In this context, the Thai word SIWILAI has been used to express


The fashion of modern women is fun playful and charming.

La Orr

La Orr means delicately beauty in Thai. We believes that exquisite art and original beauty can be expressed in accessories for everyday life. Our vivacious timeless jewelry is created through experime


PHYA's designs reflect the essence of Thainess and the value of the Thai aesthetic. Each and every piece is designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer. When completing your total look,
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