Private Travel and Tour Indulgence

One of the world’s top travel destinations, Thailand is known for its beautiful landscape, unique culture and bespoke hospitality. Visitors can opt to spend their holiday in the rush-rush of the group tour and still enjoy the journey.


Standard Tour

Standard Tour Co., Ltd. Is established since 1990 begins the inbound tour until currently is only in the region with holistic of tourism services and also

Destination Asia

Destination Asia Thailand Luxury DMC-Tour Operator Destination Asia Thailand is a comprehensive destination management company (DMC)

The Black Tie Service

Our vastly experienced team of experts seed to offer the most bespoke one-stop corporate privilege solutions for our clients; We offer 24/7 customer relationship management solution, corporate concier

Collars Hospitality Co., Ltd

We are a fan of exploration and’service is often considered as a joy and passion to cater to our guests’ (also khown as our VIPs). Collars Concierge by Collars Hospitality

Sat and Sun Tour

As we put THE BEST into practice and emphasize on quality of service we have been one of the Top selection Thailand Tour Agency in the past 17 years.

Sat and Sun Tour

Take Good Care Is Our Job

Trikaya Cultural & Academic Travel Services



Beginning of the journey is the small group of friend which is love in the tourism and with my dream that want to do the things I loved.

Premier World Travel

Thailand's Premier Destination Management & Event Production Company based in Thailand with global partner networks
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