Southern region routes Trang – Phatthalung Province (3 days 2 nights) (Emerging Destination)

Trang – Phatthalung

 Enjoy tourism experience that takes you to learn about a well-known product of Southern Thai region: Krajood handicrafts. Experience local people’s lifestyle and sightsee the beautiful nature of Thalay Noi that will imprint in your memory.

Day 1


Trang International Airport

Arrive at Trang International Airport.

Lunch time

Lunch at Richy Trang restaurant, Laytrang restaurant.

Sripakpra Andacura Boutique Resort

Check in at Sripakpra Andacura Boutique Resort, a nature theme resort where you can experience people who live in wetland lifestyle, experience a local fishery, and watch the first light among square dip nets at the sunrise scenic point said to be the most beautiful.

Chaloem Phrakiat 80 Phansa Bridge

Watch the sunset at Chaloem Phrakiat 80 Phansa Bridge, the longest bridge in Thailand. It starts from Thale Noi in Amphoe Kuan Khanun in Phatthalung Province to Amphoe Ranot in Songkhla Province. The total distance is 14 kilometers. There are many scenic points on the bridge. While driving, you can see the Songkhla Lake at one side and Thale Noi on the other side. This is a unique beautiful scenery that you can’t find it at any other place.

View Yo restaurant

Dinner at View Yo, a restaurant by Thale Noi where you can see the fisherman catch fish using a square dip net (Yok Yo) while enjoying delicious and extreme flavor southern local dishes.

Day 2


Thale Noi

Wake up early to ride a boat to see the first sunrise over the sea surrounding by giant square dip nets. Sightseeing the local fishery lifestyle, more than 150 species of waterbirds, water buffaloes, and red lotus field at the second biggest wetland park of Asia.

Sripakpra Andacura Boutique Resort

Breakfast at Sripakpra Andacura Boutique Resort’s cafeteria.

Gong Coffee Hand roasted

Enjoy a cup of coffee in the middle of the forest and make roasted coffee in DIY style. Dip your legs in the water and relax in a slow-life style as you enjoy the scenery. Have lunch at Gong Coffee Hand roasted.

Krajood Varni Homestay

Head to Krajood Varni Homestay

Krajood Varni Homestay

Make a Krajood handicraft taught by the professional villager and take it home as a souvenir.

Krajood Varni Homestay

Have delicious local dishes as dinner at Krajood Varni Homestay.

Krajood Varni Homestay

Check in at Krajood Varni Homestay, a homestay among nature decorated with many stylish Krajood products.

Day 3


Krajood Varni Homestay’s cafeteria

Breakfast at Krajood Varni Homestay’s cafeteria

Krajood Varni Homestay

Shop Krajood products before going back

Trang International Airport

Go back to Trang International Airport.

End Trip