How to receive the privilege

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Choose a luxurious privilege
Display a code at the company
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Thai Airways

Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thai Airways International Public Company Limited express sincere appreciation to the members of website ( by offering exclusive privileges to allow you to get luxury travel experiences. Just visit our website ( to get exclusive privileges from now - October 31st, 2018. For more information, please visit our website (

Terms and Conditions

1. The privileges are available for the participants who purchase  Thai Airways flight tickets only.

2. Participants must verify your identity at least 7 days prior to departure through the website (

3. Participants must claim your privilege through the website by filling in your personal information as follows : Name Surname, Contact Number, Email, Passport and E-Ticket

4. Participants will be notified by email that your information has been successfully received after pressing the button to get the privilege through the website.

5. In case, if you are unable to verify your identity to claim your privilege within 3 days, you shall forfeit your privilege immediately.

6. Free Transfer Privilege cannot be exchanged for cash.

7. If any participant commits a fraudulent act in any form, you will be immediately disqualified from receiving the privilege.

How to receive the privilege

1.Login to

2.Select Privileges

3.Select Thai Airways to view the details of Thai Airways

4.Click the free transfer button. The alert page will automatically appear for you to fill in your personal information as follows

        - Name Surname

        - Email

        - Passport

        - E-Ticket

        When you completely fill in your personal information, you must press OK button.

        The system will notify you that your information has been successfully received, and you must wait for a response within 7 days to get the privilege.

**Remark:    When ten participants have already got the privileges, the system will automatically notify you that Sorry, the privilege is not available for you.

1.Login to via Email or Facebook.
2.Choose a privilege that you are intersted in.
3.Display a code that you receive at the company in order to get the privilege
4.Enjoy the Luxury Travel that you have customized.