ICONSIAM a New Luxurious Landmark along the Chao Phraya River


The grand ICONSIAM, a brand-new shopping center with an area over 7.5 thousand square meters along Chao Phraya River, had made a grandiose debut on 9th November. Not only about the grandeur that makes ICONSIAM so attractive but also with a splendor combination of Thainess and other modern identities which compatible perfectly. The great highlights of this place come in many variations.



SOOKSIAM, a model of 77 provinces in Thailand, in the way of art, culture, tradition together with popular dishes from each region.



River Park, a community space along the Chao Phraya River, where people can have a good time in the midst of nature in the area of over 1 thousand square meters.

True Icon Hall, a world-class convention center, powered by the best innovation in Asia. This convention center is ready for the world-class show.



ICONSIAM gather all the greatest brand products from around the world, come with the spectacular luxury that you will be impressed e.g. SIAM Takashimaya, the first Apple Store in Thailand ever, H&M in the form of a 3-story building and the biggest Adidas Original Store in Asia.



Come to see the real extravagant for yourself at 'ICONSIAM', a new landmark along the Chao Phraya River.