Mekong Kingdoms

Mekong Kingdoms is not your typical cruise line. We don’t believe in rigid schedules, bland buffets and ‘cookie-cutter’ shore excursions. We want to take you on a journey through Southeast Asia’s most majestic waterway in ways that ignite your imagination and maximise every moment. We want to awaken your inner explorer, heighten your senses and pamper you all at the same time.

Design-driven comfort aboard modern boats, customisable activities, gourmet cuisine and an innovative artistic spirit set our cruises apart – far apart – from your typical grandmother cruise.

Modern-day mavericks with an adventurous spirit, we set sail on a fleet of sleek river craft, promising journeys full of creative activities and side-adventures. And, of course, plenty of opportunity to just relax and drink it in.


TEL :02-365-9110