Siwalai City Club is a social club for everyone. It is the urban escape overlooking the concrete ocean of Bangkok. The 1200 square-meter lifestyle concept on level 5 , Central Embassy, comprises six different sections Eatery, Deli, Terrace, The Grill, City Bar and Souvenir Shop. S.C-C is a natural progression of the brand’s ongoing ethos: initiating and reinterpreting contemporary trends to suit a locally relevant context, while at same time, offering a globally recognized platform for homegrown and international collaborations. As such, every component of the club – from its honest food movement and music program to its sabai-sabai-city-meets-beach interiors-has been curated to curated to reflect SIWILaI creation of and access to international caliber content, while invariably showcasing its delicate yet distinctively Thai identity. The menus at S.C-C are created in adherence to a simple philosophy: maximum flavor, minimal waste. Its ‘root to leaf’ approach endeavors to build lasting partnerships with local farmers and producers, yielding high quality. source-and process-conscious ingredients that make all the difference to the diners as well as the environment. In offering an eclectic array of dining and recreational options, S.C-C is available Throughout the day (and night) in both thoughtfully designed indoor and outdoor settings.


Address : SIWILAI: Central Embassy, 5th Floor, 1031 Ploenchit Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Tel. : 02-160-5631

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