Local Thai Taste

One of the top specialties that attract visitors to Thailand is undeniably the food. The taste, the price, and most importantly the uniqueness of the Thai culinary scene, combined with the abundance of fresh and quality products, are what warrants the global popularity. Discover the local taste and indulge your taste buds with the selection of heavenly goodness that the country has to offer.



Local food is popular and praised world-wide. The dishes range from simple yet tasty street food to Royal Thai cuisine to regional specialties. The line-up for street food is never ending: from a quick bowl of noodles to Moo Ping (pork skewers), from fried fish ball to Roti, the grub is everywhere for the choosing. Royal Thai cuisine, on the other hand, is served at selected restaurants and dining establishments, given that most recipes require a more elaborate preparation and ingredients. Nam Prik Kai Poo, Masman curry, Pla Koong …the dishes are characterised by their meticulous presentation, rare produces and exquisite taste, considering that they were historically served only in the Royal houses and in the higher circle. Regional specialties are not as difficult to come by, but the challenge is in finding the most authentic places. Southern food is known for their herbal nature and is usually served spicy - such as the different types of curry. I-San (Northeastern) food rivals its Southern counterpart in spiciness, but with a more adventurous twist: Som Tam, Larb, Nam Tok etc. Northern food is almost always a bit heavy on the green side, vegetables and legumes being the staple in the area: Kanom Jeen, Kao Soi etc.



A meal is not complete without a dessert: Thai goodness does not end with just the savoury. Local desserts are a realm of its own, from the popular modern favourite such as coconut ice-cream, Mango or Durian sticky rice, to the Royal recipes. Royal desserts are influenced by the Western culture hence the ingredients of eggs and coconut milk: Foi Thong, Thong Yip, Thong Yod, Kanom Chang etc.



Seasonal fruits come in a wide variety as well, given the rainforest geography of the country. Locals do agree with visitors’ top pick of durian and mango, but there are also guava, pineapple, watermelon, mangosteen and many more to try.